Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I admit nothing.

I'm sorry, I suck at updating. Suuuuuck. Suck! Anyway.

All those projects from this time last year? Done. Latch-hook? Done. Wedding scrapbook? Very done. Anything else I was working on? Probably done, but I honestly don't remember.

My current craft project is sewing a coat. It's modified off of a civil war uniform pattern, and shall be used for a costume I'm working on. I'm about half-done; it's fully lined, and I have the upper shell and lining done, though not attached to each other yet.

When that's complete, I intend to make a hat and figure out how to put a waist into a flightsuit. (Which are, sadly, not designed for women.)

I also have all the supplies to start on my honeymoon scrapbook, but am waiting until I am done with the coat to start. Moderation, and all that. Or so we will pretend.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So apparently actually working on projects doesn't induce me to post more. Whoops.

Craftbruary went fairly well. I finished my writing desk. I got a lot done on my latch-hook, and about 20 scrapbooking pages done.

I have writing desk progress pics.

I took the writing desk apart and laid it out on newspaper in the backyard. You can see the staining job I did previously which looks terrible.

And then I spray painted it blue (french blue, specifically) and put it back together.

Finished product:

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Craftbruary Update!

Yay! My camera has been found, and so I come bearing pictures.

Here is the green wall in the bedroom, as promised. It's not actually that yellow in real life, so I guess my flash ate it.
Other than that, I've been mainly focusing on my latch hook rug and wedding scrapbook so far. I think perhaps the writing desk may get done this weekend, provided it doesn't rain and isn't going to freeze overnight. I'm going to paint it outside - there's new carpeting, and it would be best to keep it that way.

Latch hook!

It is a cat in a basket of yarn. I included my feet in the picture so you can see that it really is rather massive and it is entirely possible that it will never be done, as I've been working on and off on it for a year now. Five rows turn out to be about an inch of actual pattern, so at least four inches will be done this month. I'm not cheating with the pattern being printed on either, as it is ever so slighty askew. :P

Here is my scrapbooking area - I've taken over the corner of the living room.

Actually all my scrapbooking supplies (as opposed to things to go in the scrapbook) are on the side of the coffee table not in the picture. Oddly, my husband has yet to get annoyed by the scrapbook taking over the living room.

Mostly I've been organizing things so far. I foresee the scrapbook going: planning, bachelorette/bachelor parties, rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, getting ready, ceremony, drinks, dinner, reception, morning after brunch. If there's room, the honeymoon will go in here too, but I suspect that will probably be its own book.

I did get the first page done:
Not the best I've ever done on drawing (I'm out of practice) and the calligraphy would probably have looked better in a different style, but overall I'm pretty pleased. And really I shouldn't take pictures of drawing but I am too lazy to use the scanner.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Craftbruary Goals!

So, a writing community I belong to has declared February to be Craftbruary! (What does that have to do with writing? you say, but to that I say bah! We need a break! A wonderful crafty, creative break!)

Here's the minimum I hope to get accomplished:
-sketch a person everyday
-finish my writing desk
-do five rows a week on my latch-hook
-make a dress maker's dummy
-sew cloth costume portions of Titania costume (shirt, coat, belts)

Pictures and so forth will go up here as I make progress.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Tomorrow begins Craftbruary! So you should see lots of updates in the near future.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I apologize for the long delay in updates - unfortunately, I've had some problems with my living situation which resulted in having to search for a place, pack up, and move, so nothing's gotten done. Well, I painted a wall in my new place bright green. I'll take a picture and put it up for you lovely people when I figure out where I packed my camera.

Here's a couple of projects I intend to be taking on soon:

-Finishing my portable writing desk
-Homemade root beer
-Latch-hook rug

Happy crafting! I hope to be back among you soon!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This doesn't really count, but if I wait for a real project it'll be weeks before you get an update.

To procrastinate working on my novel last weekend I did some mending that's needed to be done. The first was my Gryffindor robe - during the release of Deathly Hallows in July one half of the clasp came off. It should have been an easy fix, but I ran into a small complication when I found a rather large spider nest on the inner lining.

Luckily it came off with some vaccuuming (which Gracie Cat did not appreciate it) but I did check the rest of the robe just in case there were more. Damn spiders.

After that it wasn't too hard. Just pinned the clasp in place and hand sewed it back on.

And then it was done. Huzzah! And since I had the sewing stuff out, Andrew asked me to put the patches on his Kung Fu uniform too. Anything to not write. :D

I still have a set of opera gloves and a blouse to mend as well, but I haven't gotten there yet.

I did get my pictures for the wedding scrapbook in the mail yesterday, so hopefully I'll get to Michaels this weekend and I can get started on that as well. I still need to order the honeymoon pictures for that scrapbook.

Why the blog isn't getting updated

So, I wanted to apologize, as you probably won' t get many updates in November (although hopefully one will go up later today) - any November. And there's one word to describe why:


I am one of those mildly insane people who sit down every November and write 50000 words. This is my fifth year, and I've gotten to the point of the month where I wonder why I do this to myself every year, and wonder why I am forcing myself to write 2000 words a day when I'd really rather be playing video games, or staring at the wall, or anything really, and begin to despair of keeping up the pace.

But I will, because it means I'll be done early and then the rest of November will be mine, bwhahahaha.

I am a writing nerd. I have a little portable writing table with folding legs (which will become an art project in late November or early December - it is unfinished and I am sick of splinters) and special writing gloves to protect my wrists. It is all extremely nerdy and if I remember I will take a picture of it later.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Coming Soon!

Hello, and welcome to my crafty blog. I've just made it, but I shall be starting to post updates as I get around to it.

The point of this blog will be to showcase my art/costuming projects, of which I normally have one or more of in process at any one time. Frankly, I think the people over at my normal blog (located at http://kandybar.livejournal.com) may be a little annoyed when I babble about such things, so I'm going to separate them out and put them over here.

I've never used Blogger before but I have read other people's blogs on it and I find it to be a nice, professional looking site, so I'm pleased to be here.

Real content coming soon!